Purchasing lift tickets and packages online is a simple and convenient way to reduce the amount of time you spend preparing for your ski outing, and increasing the amount of time you spend on the slopes. It is the customer’s responsibility to correctly select the items and dates they wish to purchase, to accurately enter required information, and to submit requested purchases within the designated period. If a customer needs to add items or services to an order, simply place a new order. Existing orders cannot have items or services added or adjusted.

CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS: There are no refunds, changes, or exchanges due to weather, conditions or any other reason unless Mount Southington is closed. 

Refunds will only be processed in the event that the mountain is closed. Should you decide not to use your tickets, lessons and rentals, you will not be eligible for a refund or raincheck.

If Mount Southington is closed, you can choose to have a raincheck to come back another day In lieu of a refund.  There must be availability on the new date for all products in order to reserve your new date.



All season pass purchases are final, and not refundable. In the case of a medical situation, please contact our Customer Service Center Office to arrange for a medical deferment. Credit will be issued as stated below to be applied towards a season pass for the next season. A letter from a doctor is required for verification and the letter must be received at Mount Southington Area within 14 days of the incident that requires a medical release. A lapsed time pro-ration fee, minus a $25 handling fee will be refunded. The 10% State Admissions tax is not refunded after 90 days from the date of purchase.

Before December 15th               -           100% refund

Before January 1st                     -             75% refund

Before January 15th                   -             50% refund

Before February 1st                   -             40% refund

Before February 15th                 -             25% refund

After February 15th                    -             NO REFUND


If you lose your Season Pass please notify our Customer Service Center immediately. A replacement/temporary season pass will be issued at the cost of $25. If anyone is caught using a lost Season Pass they will be charged with Theft of Services.

If you have an accident or fall, it is your responsibility to wait until the Ski Patrol gets to the scene to assist you. Please make sure you give them your name and phone number. It is your responsibility to notify Ski Patrol of any injuries before you leave Mount Southington Ski Area.

Mount Southington makes every effort to provide great skiing and snowboarding conditions by investing in the latest snowmaking technology, but even the best technology needs sustained temperatures in the 20’s to make snow. Therefore, the number of days of operation will vary from season to season. Hours of operation for our spring schedule also vary due to minimal skier traffic and snow conditions..